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The FMS is a proven system that will assist you in creating the most effective customized exercise program to avoid injury and increase performance in any population group. Outside of attending a live seminar, the FMS online Home Study Course is the next best place to begin educating yourself about the FMS system. This online course, the equivalent of FMS’s Level 1 course, will provide you with the background and philosophy of the FMS and give you specifics on how to perform the screen. Once you have viewed and studied the online Home Study Course material, you will take the exam, which is included in the course and also online.

To help prepare for the test, we recommend seeking out an FMS Certified Member as a resource and buying Gray Cook’s Movement book.

The online Home Study Course, $379, contains the following:

  • FMS Philosophy -- Gray Cook provides over 45 minutes of information about the background and philosophy regarding this cutting edge approach to evaluating movement.
  • FMS Screening Procedures -- About 30 minutes of video with specific instructions and tips on how to perform and score the seven screens.
  • FMS Manual -- This downloadable manual serves as an excellent resource for screening individuals. It will also provide much of the necessary information needed to pass the certification exam.
  • FMS Exam -- The online test contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam requires an 80% or above score and you have three opportunities to pass.  You will know your results immediately.

Upon passing the Home Study Course, you will be certified as an FMS Certified Member.  As such, the entire FMS website is unlocked to you -- articles, podcasts, the Find a Certified Member registry, etc. -- free for one year.  You will be able to post your profile in the Find a Certified Member registry and enjoy other Benefits of Certification. Best of all, you will be part of a great network of exercise professionals who share the same principles as you with regards to exercise prescription.

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