» FMS Lvl 1 and FMS Tactical Athlete (Tustin, CA)

FMS Lvl 1 and FMS Tactical Athlete (Tustin, CA)
12/1/2012 - 12/2/2012
Tustin, CA
3053 Edinger Ave. Tustin, CA 92780 Map
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Mike Contreras
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This is a unique Combination of the Functional Movement Screen integrated with Service professionals such as military, firefighters, police, etc. 



FMS Level 1

The Core Training System is the product of years of research and innovation. This System develops exercise programs based on individual movement patterns. It is equally effective in rehabilitation as well as conditioning because it targets the weak link.  The System is made up of:


  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Core Training
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training.


Specifically, the Functional Movement Screen is a grading system created to assess and document functional movement patterns.  By assessing these patterns, functional limitations and asymmetries are readily identified.    Basic movement pattern limitations can reduce the effects of functional training and distort proprioception.  The goal of this workshop is to introduce you and your staff to the benefits of utilizing this orthopedic screening process since functional movement patterns are the base for Core Training. At the heart of the system are the Functional Movement Screen score and the movement patterns, which are directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns. 


Core Trainingis a series of exercises involving the Core Board, medicine ball, and tubing, targeted specific athletic movement patterns.  Reactive Neuromuscular Training is the scientific platform for the Core Board exercises and medicine ball work that will be presented.




At the conclusion of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Assess fundamental movement patterns and determine weaknesses
  2. Understand Functional Movement Screen Scoring System and how it pertains to movement dysfunction

            3.   Determine mobility and stability problems within general population groups

4.   Prescribe corrective exercise techniques which are designed to improve   fundamental movement mechanics

5. Develop a greater appreciation of the importance of assessing and correcting movement pattern dysfunction



Tentative Outline for One-Day FMS Workshop


8:00-8:15         Welcome/Introduction

8:15-9:15         Philosophy/Background of Functional Movement Screen

9:15-10:00       Scoring Criteria of Seven Tests:

  • Discussion of Each Tests
  • Description of why each test is important
  • Relating each test to scores

10:00-10:15     Break

10:15-12:15     Scoring the Seven Tests

  • Demonstration of Each Test
  • Description of Testing procedure
  • Break into groups and test each other

12:15-1:15       Break for Lunch

1:15-2:00         Scoring Analysis/Interpreting the Scores:

  • Discussion of Case Study
  • Linking Scores to Weak Links and Asymmetries

2:00-2:30         Exercise Introduction

2:30-4:30         Exercise Demonstration

  • Partner Stretches, Self Stretches
  • Group Interaction
  • Performing Exercises

4:30-5:30         Case Studies: Linking the Exercises to the Functional Movement Screen

                        Functional Exercise Progressions

5:30-6:00         Question and Answer Session



Using the FMS with Tactical Athletes and Group Environment

Now that you are a certified FMS professional you can learn how to use the FMS to take your clients training to the next level. “FMS for Tactical Athletes and Group Exercise” is designed for those who work with Fire, Military and Police Officers (Tactical Athletes), trainers who work with Tactical Athletes who are interested incorporating the FMS into their practice to identify individuals who are at high risk of injury, interested in reducing job related injuries while increasing overall performance and durability. This course is also highly recommended for those trainers who run boot camps or lead group exercise programs.  This course will give you proven strategies of the FMS that you can take away and immediately implement into your training of tactical athletes or group exercise programs so that your clients may reach their fitness goals or extend their careers.

This course will explore the special needs and training considerations that are needed when working with tactical athletes and in the group exercise setting. Learn to use the FMS and program design by systematically using corrective exercises to improve fundamental movement patterns and overall movement of all Tactical Athletes.

Learning to create a functional movement profiles for all clients will allow you to rate and rank movement for statistical observation, while giving you a baseline movement pattern score. During this class you will be taught a systematic tool to monitor progress and movement pattern development as fitness level changes. All attendees will learn to use proprietary FMS software package to allow all Tactical Athletes to benefit fromthe FMS.

The FMS with Tactical Athletes and Group Environment

8:30 - 8:45 -    Welcome / Introduction
8:45 - 9:45 -    Background of Functional Movement Screen and Tactical Athletes

10:00-11:00 - Why the FMS is needed for Tactical Athletes and Group Fitness

                        What the data says

11:00-1200 -   How to use the FMS to reduce on duty injuries and reduce cost in your department

                        How to sell the FMS to clients and businesses

How to convince stakeholder the FMS is right for them
How to implement the FMS within your department Wellness Program or Group Fitness Program

12:00-1:00 -    Lunch

2:00-3:00 -      How to implement the FMS in Tactical or Group setting.

                        How to screen large groups in a short time period

                        How identify high-risk clients in the Tactical/Group environment

                        How to implement corrections clients in the Tactical/Group environment

                        How to the FMS program clients in the Tactical/Group environment

3:00-3:15 -      Break

3:15-5:00 -      Program design and how use the FMS with any and all fitness programs

                        Use and implement the FMS software in your daily practice

You will receive 12 or 1.2 Continuing Education Credits for this course upon completion.

Travel Arrangements - Downtown Irvine is the recommended location for hotels, etc. and is about 3-4mi from the building in which the seminar will be hosted. FMS does not have any exclusive room rates with any particular hotel for this event.



Those that wish to make flight arrangements should fly into John Wayne, Santa Ana, or Orange Co. airports.