» FMS Combo: Levels 1 and 2 (Exton, PA)

FMS Combo: Levels 1 and 2 (Exton, PA)
3/15/2013 - 3/17/2013
Exton, PA
Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge
815 N. Pottstown Pike Exton, PA 19341 Map
Phone: 610-337-1200
Website: http://www.dv8fitness.com/
Eric D'Agati


» Description


Instructed by Eric D'agati and hosted by Phil Scarito of DV8Fitness.


Call Phil at 610-306-3627 for more information!


*Hotel Reservations available at the Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge for $99/night if you mention you are with the FMS Group! For reservations, please call 610-363-1100.*


Level 1 Seminar Description


This course is designed to teach the exercise professional how to effectively provide a movement profile and corrective exercise intervention for active individuals. Objectives of seminar:


-  Learn a standard baseline for movement screening prior to training program implementation.

-  Identify functional limitations and asymmetries, which have been linked to increase injury risk.

-  Provide corrective exercise to restore proper movement and build strength.



Level 2 Seminar Description


This course is designed to enhance exercise professionals’ perspective on improving fundamental movement patterns. The Functional Movement Screen will be reviewed and corrective exercise will be discussed based on movement dysfunction. The functional exercise progressions will be demonstrated and focus will be placed on how to utilize the FMS to properly prescribe and implement corrective strategy. More hands-on and practical information will be presented, using case studies and lab settings to show how the FMS can be used to provide a foundation for improvement in overall exercise programming. Objectives of this seminar:


-  Provide more insight into the implementation of the FMS into your training philosophy.

-  Enhance your ability to use the FMS to progress from corrective exercise to functional and traditional exercise.

-  Introduce other assessment techniques, which complement the FMS.

-  Describe traditional and non-traditional strength and conditioning exercises and how they fit into the Functional Movement System.



Tentative Schedule

**Please note that seminar times are always subject to change**


Day 1


7:30-8:00         Level 1 Registration

8:00-8:15         Welcome and Introduction

8:15-9:15         Philosophy and Background of FMS

9:15-12:00       FMS Scoring Criteria and Discussion

12:00-1:00       Lunch Break

1:00-2:00         Lab: Group Screening

2:00-3:00         Scoring Analysis and Interpretation of Scores

3:00-5:00         Corrective Exercise Philosophy and Exercise Discussion

5:00-5:30         Question and Answer Session


Day 2


8:00-8:30         Level 2 Registration

8:30-10:00       Corrective Exercise Philosophy

10:00-10:15     Break

10:15-11:30     Lab: FMS Screening

11:30-12:00     Review FMS Screen and Discussion

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-3:00         Active Straight Leg Raise Correctives

3:00-5:00         Shoulder Mobility Correctives


Day 3


8:30-9:30         Primitive Pattern Correctives

9:30-11:00       Functional Pattern Correctives

11:00-12:00     Case Studies and Discussion

12:00-12:30     Question and Answer Session