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Interested in Hosting a Seminar?

We offer several types of FMS seminars that you could host at your facility.

- Level 1:
Seminar Including the Functional Movement Screen and Exercise Program:

  • - One Day Seminar: Limited to 20 people
  • - Two Day Seminar: Limited to 50 People(based on location and space)

There is no difference in the quality of these two seminars. The seminar options are based on the number of participants. We want everyone to have enough time to perform the practical segments of the course and the opportunity to ask questions.

- Level 2:
Advanced Exercise Progressions and Programming (All participants must be Level 1 Certified to attend this seminar)

  • - All Level 2 courses are a minimum of 1 ½ days or 12 hours.
  • - Maximum 30 participants
- FMS Combo Seminar:
Levels 1 & 2 This course is basically two courses over 3 days.
  • - Typically, each level is a 12-hour course over 1 ½ days
  • - Maximum 30 participants for each level

Participants are not required to take both classes, but there must be 25 participants registered for each Level to avoid cancellation. If you are interested in hosting a course please contact Cress either by phone or email. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

- What dates are you considering?
- How many participants do you anticipate?
- What professions will be attending the seminar?
- Will you provide a venue/facility for the seminar?
- Do you have access to projectors, screens, etc. for power point presentations?
Phone: 434-432-3677
Email: cress@functionalmovement.com