» Justin Yule

Justin Yule

Phone: (763) 280-3481

Site: www.ChanhassenFitnessRevolution.com

FMS Certified Expert

» Bio:

Justin Yule is the President & Chief Fitness Officer of Fitness Revolution in Chanhassen, MN. He also runs an at-home weight loss & fitness training program – Fitness Revolution Inner Circle – providing the same great high-intensity intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts for all fitness levels as Chanhassen Boot Camp… Justin holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with a Concentration in Adult Fitness. He is also a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and holds multiple specialty certifications including Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Coach, and Resistance Band Training Specialist. Justin is also certified to administer the Functional Movement Screen. Justin has been helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals since 1997, and became a Best Selling Author in 2011 with his contribution to Total Body Breakthroughs. In addition, he has been nominated as one of the top Rising Stars in the Fitness Industry, and was featured in USA Today as a member of the World Fitness Elite. To contact Justin for training, education or to have him speak at an event please email jyule2@gmail.com.

» Credentials:

  • NASM
  • FMS Certified (FMSC)
  • Personal Trainer

» How to find:

Name: Fitness Revolution

Phone: (763) 280-3481

Address: 530 West 79th Street, Suite 120
Chanhassen, MN 55317
United States

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