Jon Torine

Content Expert

Jon Torine spent 17 years as a strength and conditioning coach in the NFL, where he handled all facets of the strength and conditioning program and was part of the medical management team. In addition to S&C, his duties included team nutrition and hydration, team circadian rhythm management, building an intern program, assistance with college and free agent evaluations, and working closely with the rehabilitation and physical therapy staff in return to play efforts.  During this time, he used the Functional Movement Screen to help guide his training decisions­.  His experience using the FMS in a high-level group situation is broad and his expertise in working with elite athletes is noted.

Jon’s work has been published in various research journals; He has collaborated regularly with Dr. William Kraemer, a physiologist and neurobiologist, and lectures regularly on the science of strength training. He’s a content expert on corrective exercise strategies and movement patterns, and is often interviewed for professional publications, journals and magazines.  Jon’s system of training is under constant development and consistently evolving.