Squat Movement vs. Squat Exercise

Written by Gray Cook Thursday, June 26, 2014 FMS Pod Casts

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Question: In your opinion, what is the primary cause of lower extremity external rotation and rear foot pronation during the deep squat pattern?


  • This question references a movement pattern
  • Weight can make you squat correctly
  • Weight can make you exaggerate the problem
  • More is known about the squat exercise than the movement pattern
  • Crossing parallel when squatting
  • Do not bring exercise rules into movement patterns
  • The basic collapse in the squat pattern
  • Make sure there is no pain during the deep squat
  • Pain due to poor movement? Or poor movement due to pain?
  • Do not address a stability problem in the presence of a mobility problem
  • The body will give up stability in normal joints.
  • Identifying a stability problem.
  • Possibility of a lost pattern
  • IT band dominant squat
  • Role of the glut medius

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  • author

    Kelsey Dobesh, DC 12/18/2014 7:08:53 PM

    Fantastic question and what a great answer! Thoroughly enjoyed the separation and distinction between movement pattern and exercise, this is such an important concept that gets lost I think. Thanks!