Improving FMS Scores in Mixed Martial Artists

Written by Brandon Bennett Tuesday, March 11, 2014 FMS Research



Outline of Dr. Butler's Research Review

Dr. Butler, Duke University, discusses recent research on whether it is or is not possible to change FMS test scores in Mixed Martial Artists.

I. Motivation

A. Determine if the FMS composite score is modifiable

B. Composite score gives overall understanding of movement competency

II. Previous Studies on Evaluating FMS composite score

A. Average composite score improvement of 3 points

B. Previous studies have lacked a control group

III. “The effect of an intervention program on FMS test scores in mixed martial arts athletes”

A. In this population could composite score be changed by following FMS Corrective Exercise algorithm

1. Trained 4x/week for 8 Weeks

2. Testing at 0, 4, 8 weeks.

3. Corrective provided were the same based on testing at time 0

B. Results

1. Change of about 2 points at week 4

2. Little Change between weeks 4-8

a. No Change in Programming

b. May be beneficial to change at week 4

3. Changes in Asymmetry

a. 75% reduction in number of individuals with an asymmetry between weeks 0-4 in the Intervention Group

b. No Change in Control Group in same time period

IV. How does this change daily life

A. Standard algorithm appears to change composite score more than time alone

B. Don’t expect long-term gains by using the algorithm to improve initial movement competencies.

C. Once competencies are retained and maintained changing program is appropriate

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