Start Here When Your Client Wants More Power

Written by Laura Evans Wednesday, October 15, 2014 FMS Research

Outline of Jason Shutt's Golf Performance Recommendations

Jason Shutt, Duke University, discusses the appropriate starting point when coaching and evaluating for improved power and golf performance.

I. Intro to Jason Shutt

II. Combination of FMS and other movement screens, such as TPI screen

       A. Optimize client outcome

       B. Most clients look for more power

III. Importance of initial evaluation

IV. Trunk Stability Push Up

V. Scoring and what’s next

      A. Scoring 1’s

             1. Patterning

              2. Static hold

              3. Anti-rotation

       B. Scoring 2’s

               1. Static spine

               2. Rotating spine

        C. Scoring 3’s

               1. Static spine

               2. Rotating spine

        D. Identifies where to start player

VI. Dr. Mark Cheng’s Prehab Rehab 101

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