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Feb 10, 2021, US

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You've completed your FMS or SFMA course and are now looking for options to increase and maintain mobility.  In this discussion group, Dan Hellman will introduce us to Guy Voyers’s ELDOA Method and lead us through a demonstration of a few of the exercises.     

What is the ELDOA method?  ELDOA is a 1-minute posture exercise that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.  There is an ELDOA for nearly every joint in the body, and the benefits reach far beyond the joints to general wellness. ELDOA’s benefits include relief of back pain and neck and shoulder tension, injury recovery and prevention, reduced joint inflammation and arthrosis, improved posture, greater flexibility, improved muscle performance and tone, and improved recovery time for sports and training.  It can even improve digestion, reduce stress, help you have fewer and less-severe headaches and help you sleep better.

Dan is one of a handful of instructors worldwide certified to teach this revolutionary method for relieving pain, restoring flexibility and maintaining healthy joints  Join us for this demonstration and interactive discussion to learn more about the ELDOA method. Be ready to participate at home to give it a try yourself!

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