Deep Squat with Valgus Correction with FMT

This is a RNT technique to correct proper knee position during the squatting pattern.

Set-up: Place the point of attachments at knee height and spread the handles about the size of a door apart from each other. Then give the band a twist so that the tubing will cross in front of you. Step inside and face the point of attachment. Place the foam handles at the outside of the knees. Place your feet about shoulder width apart with toes out slightly. Cross arms across chest and maintain an upright posture.

Action: Sniff air into a tight abdomen and descend into a squat while pushing your knees out but do not allow your feet to rotate out. As you squat down, keep your heels down and go as deep as you can go comfortably.

Return: With a grunt or forced exhale drive the feet into the ground to extend the hips and knees to return to the start position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

For progression, raise hands and extend arms above your head. For more assistance and resistance, take a step back or add a heel lift if you are unable to squat deep. Before starting your exercise, please make sure the point of attachment for the tubing is secure.