Shannon Burton

I am a certified CPT and owner of One On 1 Personal Training LLC. I have over 20 years in the field of fitness. I have worked with kids, adults, elderly individuals, pregnant women, elite athletes, and many others of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. I bring with my training style a belief that everyone I work with has the potential to achieve their ultimate goals, and I find a way to dig deep into the heart of a person and help them find their own desires to succeed. One of my many mottos is "helping others help themselves" which to me is the perfect way to describe my intent with each and every client that I have the pleasure of training. My mind set for personal training comes from a very personal place. I grew up overweight and spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence in a constant struggle with it. As a former obese child, I have a perspective that many cannot relate to as trainers. I vividly remember the appalling looks and hurtful comments made during that period of my life. Those memories combined with a passion for health, fuel my deep concern and empathy for those that are self-conscious of their body, weight, and overall outer appearance. For almost ten years I have made it a personal mission to "help others help themselves". When you hire me as your personal trainer, you are getting more than a trainer, you are getting a friend that understands you.

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