Introduction to the Fundamental Capacity Screen

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Enhancing performance is a common goal for many, but what does that really mean and how do we do it? The Fundamental Capacity Screen(FCS) provides an innovative approach to testing fitness and positions your clients, athletes and, even patients, on the most efficient path to optimal performance.  During this course, we share insight into the four fundamental elements of movement expression: Movement Control, Postural Control, Explosive Control and Impact Control. Understanding the importance of these areas and how to set baselines are vital to every exercise professional. Learn the best options for testing and collecting data on each of the four elements of movement. This data will provide proficiency in targeted exercise programming and lead to the most effective course of action toward greater fitness.

Course Objectives

  1. Summarize the four elemental expressions of energy within movement capacity.
  2. Explain the difference between movement dysfunction and movement deficiency.
  3. Provide details in how to measure the four elements of movement expression

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What's Included

One year of access to the the Introduction to the Fundamental Capacity Screen Online Course.* This course includes access to over 1 hour of video content and a downloadable manual. The 4 Units included in this course are as follows: 

Unit 1: Introduction to the FCS

Unit 2: Movement Control

Unit 3: Postural Control

Unit 4: Explosive Control

Unit 5: Impact Control

Please note: This course does not include FCS Certification. This online course is a prerequisite to the live seminar. The FCS Certification exam is only granted to FCS live seminar attendees. 

*This course is a prerequisite for the Fundamental Capacity Screen live seminar. After FCS certification, professionals who maintain their membership will continue to have access to this course.