SFMA Level 2 Online Course

$ 300.00


The SFMA Level 2 Online Course introduces viewers to the Functional Movement Systems philosophy on how to use the SFMA findings to be efficient with intervention for long term movement results.

Please note – The SFMA Level 2 Online Course does not include certification, but will familiarize you with the basics of the SFMA Level 2 material.

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What's Included

This online course includes almost 4 hours of video content and introduces the diagnostic flowchart for mobility dysfunctions as well as research surrounding the concept of Motor Learning. The SFMA identifies the region of dysfunction. This Level 2 content will organize your local examination for efficiency and targeted intervention. The motor learning principles presented will provide a foundation for rebuilding patterns for long term retention for your patient’s movement health. 

Who's Eligible

Anyone who has attended an SFMA Level 1 course is welcome to take the Level 2 online course. Completion of the SFMA Level 2 Online Course is the first step in becoming SFMA Level 2 certified. Eligible healthcare professionals should check the schedule of events for a live event near you to complete the SFMA Level 2 certification process.

As a professional, the choice is yours: if you choose to start with the SFMA Level 2 Online, you can register for a live course at a later date. For certification, you may also register for a live course, which will include online course access if you have not already purchased.