» FMS History

FMS History

Gray Cook and Lee Burton have attempted to improve communication and develop a tool that will improve objectivity and collaboration between the professions of physical therapy, strength and conditioning and athletic training. The Functional Movement Screen was originally developed to gather objective data for statistical analysis of human movement patterns with respect to functional performance and injury prevention. Our individual experiences, as well as collaborative clinical and research experiences (with respect to functional movement), have allowed us to refine and improve a philosophy set forth in 1995.

It was at this time literature review and research identified no systematic tool to identify functional asymmetry or major limitation in functional movement patterns. Most of the tests at that time were geared to athletic performance or specific skill performance. We, as a group, felt that the fundamental human movement patterns were being left out of analysis. Research has demonstrated that right-left asymmetries and major limitations can increase injury potential and decrease functional effectiveness.

Currently, there is no tool to effectively track substitution and compensations - most test are quantitative and not qualitative in nature. Our attempt to add the Functional Movement Screen to current sports medicine and strength and conditioning practices was an attempt to fulfill a void. We do not feel that the Functional Movement Screen replaces any of the standardized testing methodology currently used. Instead, we feel that it adds another perspective of human ovement that could potentially help clarify problems as well as improve performance and resistance to injury.

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