» Rolling Lower Body

Rolling Lower Body

This is a lower body rolling pattern for increased hip mobility and stability while resetting the core.

Body Parts Targeted: Single LegRotationalRollingDiagonal Lower BodyPNF PatternDynamic Motor ControlPrimitive

Starting Position: Supine

Lay on your back, hands overhead, feet shoulder width apart. Flex one hip and reach the leg across the body. The upper extremity remains still on the floor until the lower body pulls it over. To return to the starting position extend and reach the same leg diagonally across the body. Again the upper extremity remains on the floor and the lower body merely pulls it over.

18 - Rolling Lower Body.Still001.png18 - Rolling Lower Body.Still002.png18 - Rolling Lower Body.Still003.png18 - Rolling Lower Body.Still004.png18 - Rolling Lower Body.Still005.png