Clean and Squat Double Arm Bottoms Up from Symmetrical Stance with Two KB

This is an advanced dynamic movement requiring a high level of total body stability in the clean and serves to check symmetry of strength during the squat.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and place two kettlebells a few inches in front of the feet. Perform a hip hinge keeping a neutral spinal and proper alignment. Place a hand on the handle of each kettlebell and inhale through the nose to pressurize the abdomen. Proceed to hike the kettlebells back between the legs. The upper arms should be against the ribs and the forearms high in the groin. 
Once the hips are loaded perform a hip extension and keeping the feet in contact with the floor. Finish the hips in a neutral position with a forced exhale and bringing the body through to a straight line from ear to ankle.
Allow the elbows to flex as you snap the kettlebells to chest level into the bottom-up position with the forearms vertical and the upper arms against the ribs. Once in this position keep the body tight to maintain good posture and alignment of the kettlebells.
Once a neutral and static position is obtained, perform a squat. When descending into the squat keep a neutral spine and make sure the kettlebells remain in the bottom-up position. When ascending, make sure to push the feet into the ground.