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The Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Clinical Fellowship program is designed to educate and develop world class specialists who influence and elevate the musculoskeletal healthcare profession.

The FMS Clinical Fellowship challenges Fellows to not only embrace the traditional view of evidenced-based rehabilitation, but also to integrate the whole-body movement and musculoskeletal health perspective. During this structured, mentor-based experience, FMS Fellows will interact with FMS founders and other systems experts to become highly skilled, evidence-based, movement-oriented professionals who promote lifelong musculoskeletal health and wellness.

The FMS Clinical Fellowship allows you to work with faculty to develop your individualized year long educational plan to meet your goals. This program will incorporate mentoring, evidence-based courses, and learning alongside your peers in a virtual small group setting.


  1. Provide an educational environment that promotes learning in a self-directed manner with required mentoring and support.
  2. Promote the development of practitioners who emphasize an individualized, evidence informed approach that promotes lifelong musculoskeletal health and wellness.
  3. Encourage professional satisfaction.
  4. Support passionate professionals who value the promotion of sustainable musculoskeletal health and wellness.


$5000 or $450/month for 12 months

Systems curriculum courses are not included in the Fellowship tuition and must be purchased separately.
A discount on the purchase of these courses is available. 


SFMA Level 1 Certification
FMS Level 1 Certification


Systems Curriculum*

FMS Level 1
FMS Level 2
SFMA Level 1
SFMA Level 2
Clinical Integration Series

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Lower Quarter Pain

Y Balance Test
Screening & Assessing Breathing: A Multidimensional Approach
Fundamental Capacity Screen

*Systems curriculum courses are not included in the Fellowship tuition and must be purchased separately. A discount on the purchase of these courses is available.


After initially being introduced to the SFMA shortly after finishing PT school, I quickly became enamored with the philosophy behind Functional Movement Systems. After a few years of practice I learned about the creation of the fellowship program. I knew that this was the opportunity to deep dive into the system and it's tools, which ultimately revealed applicability to the diverse population of patients I saw. The knowledge I gained from mentorship with FMS leaders has been the highlight of my career and I would encourage anyone who has had a glimpse of what the system can do for your patients to take this journey as well.

-David Ogilbee


What is the application deadline and admissions schedule?

We accept applications year-round.  The application requires a CV and an essay.  Our turnaround time from application to decision is 3-6 weeks.  Enrollment is also on a rolling schedule.  Once accepted, you can choose your start date!

What is the timeline from start to finish?

The average time to complete the Fellowship is one year.  However, the Fellowship is a competency-based program, so we can set up longer than one year if needed.  The timeline is flexible to meet each Fellow’s needs.

What are the payment options?

We currently offer two payment options.  Fellows who pay in full at the beginning of their Fellowship pay $5,000.  A payment plan of $450/month for 12 months is also available.  Systems Curriculum courses must be purchased separately, and we offer a discount on those courses.

How do electives work?

The Fellowship includes Core Competencies that cover each part of the Systems Curriculum.  The program also includes an elective project.  Along with their Mentor and the Fellowship team, each Fellow identifies an area of emphasis at the commencement of the program.  Together they set objectives and details that will guide their individualized Fellowship education plan.



While the FMS Clinical Fellowship faculty and advisory board respect and understand the purpose of accrediting bodies, we have proactively decided not to seek accreditation from a professional organization. Accreditation has many benefits, and along with those benefits, come some restraints that we believe could inhibit this Fellowship program from reaching its full potential.

Additionally, our primary focus is to maintain a collaborative healthcare environment where professionals from multiple disciplines can work freely together as a team to advance and optimize musculoskeletal healthcare and wellness for their patients and clients. Seeking accreditation from a single professional organization would limit our interprofessional focus.

The leaders of our Clinical Fellowship have vast experience working within various accredited healthcare education programs, and we have designed the Fellowship to take advantage of areas where accreditation is most helpful, while avoiding areas where accreditation can be restrictive.

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Applications are accepted at any time. Applicant will be notified of acceptance status within 6 weeks of application submission.


Contact the Fellowship team at or (434) 432-3677 ext. 113

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