The FMS for Higher Ed program is specifically designed to assist faculty who are interested in introducing movement concepts and FMS principles into their curriculum.

FMS welcomes the opportunity to develop relationships with higher education institutions to create an active learning experience integrated with FMS content. The goal is to add academic value to your educational program and connect both professors and students to an ongoing learning community within FMS that extends beyond the classroom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an appreciation and understanding of movement in higher education settings and continually provide practical interactions and applications to further the FMS global mission to help all people “Move well, then move often”.

Our Goal

The FMS for Higher Ed program was developed to provide higher education faculty with a structured curriculum for students to meet learning objectives. The goal is to provide a positive and interactive learning experience, encourage confidence with screening abilities, and enhance professional skills that will add value to graduates in the job market.



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Prospective Employer

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Programs Include

FMS Online Professor Resources include:

  • FMS Level 1 Online course
  • 1-year Membership to FMS website with access to FMS PRO
  • Video content to assist in delivering content
  • Resource Manual:
    • Suggested outline for content delivery
    • How to set-up practical experience
    • Discussion Questions and Quizzes

FMS Online Student Course includes:

  • FMS Level 1 Online course
  • 1-year Membership to FMS website with access to FMS PRO 360
  • Additional video content and message from FMS

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