About Us

Sometimes the most innovative ideas evolve from the simplest concepts.  That’s the case with Functional Movement Systems (FMS). Our story is not remarkable.  Our model was not developed in a state-of-the-art lab.  To be honest, it all started with our co-founder, Gray Cook, sketching diagrams of movement patterns…on a napkin.  Those sketches laid the foundation for our entire system. 

Some consider us pioneers in the world of movement.  Looking back to 1995, we were healthcare and fitness pros working with people – from high performance athletes to elderly patients in rehab – who displayed signs of dysfunction either from an injury or poor movement quality in general.   And, while we originally designed the screen for local high school and college athletes where we live in southern Virginia, it quickly caught attention and gained notoriety with organizations like the U.S. military and professional sports teams.

During this incredible journey, we fine-tuned lessons we learned and now teach them to you in our online courses and seminars hosted around the world. Our system gives you the skillset to raise the movement bar for some and put it back in reach for others.

One thing’s for sure:  Movement dictates the way we live -- all day, every day -- and we take that very seriously.  Since 1995, our mission at FMS is for everyone to move well.  And move often.

While we may have kicked off the movement over 20 years ago, the FMS global community propels our mission to the next level.  To paraphrase Gray Cook, “let’s play to our strengths, work on our weaknesses,” and move forward together to reach even greater heights with you on our team.