Simplicity Meets Sophistication

FMS Pros are industry trailblazers. Your technology should live up to that standard.

The only app built for the FMS professional. The app allows you to spend more time with your clients by cutting out the pen and paper and efficiently streamlining the client’s experience. Collect, calculate, report and connect with PRO360 from the palm of your hand.

Now Includes


Easily Create Clients

View and Update Client Data

ID Movement Dysfunction

Instructions and Scoring Criteria

View and Email Report


Improve Return to Play Decisions

View and Email Reports

Unlock Performance

Performance Reports

Symmetry Reports

“The FMS Pro app streamlines the movement screening process, and makes exercise programming effortless. Having the capability to instantly connect with PRO360, as well as send the reports to my athletes right in the palm of my hand has revolutionized my intake procedure and training sessions.”

Tim Danchak BS, CPT, FMS, FTS
Wellness Instructor
REX Wellness Center Knightsdale, NC



Your on the floor screening tool to collect, manage and report movement data.

  • Built for on the floor efficiency so you can spend more quality time with your clients.
  • Store all your clients' and athletes' movement data in one place.
  • No need for advanced math skills -- the app's got you covered.
  • Generates advanced reports to help drive your programming decisions.
  • All your clients in PRO 360 are already waiting for you.
  • Youth athletes, senior adults, weekend warriors and everyone in between -- the app is built for all your clients' training needs.

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