Kettlebells from the Center - Online Archive

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The primary purpose of this course is to correct the common disconnection between the extremities and the core. Gray Cook and Brett Jones will expand on an elementary understanding of reflex-driven stability. This will increase your understanding of neural loads and how to prepare the neural pathways from the grip through the core all the way to the toes.

Note: Gray’s pretty persuasive in his suggestion to clean up movement before beginning this program. This is why they started with the Kalo Sthenos Get-up progression project first.  Start there and make sure your base is ready for dynamic movement.

This course features a true Kettlebell expert, Jeff O’Connor. Jeff provides valuable insight to the manual’s Coaching Sections. Our suggestion: Watch the course first, then work through the manual as reference material. The book includes side and front photographs, plus clear instructions and key points to look for during the execution. It closes with sample programming options designed to help you put together all you’ve learned as you practice and perfect the various exercises shown.

What's Included

Kettlebells from the Center includes 2 hours of video content plus a 102-page downloadable manual. The 14 chapters included in this course are: 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Patterning the Hip Hinge

Chapter 3: Slow Strength Deadlift

Chapter 4: Single Leg Deadlift

Chapter 5: Fast Swings

Chapter 6: Patterning the Squat

Chapter 7: Slow Strength KB Squat

Chapter 8: Bottoms Up Squat

Chapter 9: Patterning the Press

Chapter 10: Slow Strength Hard Style Press

Chapter 11: Bottoms Up Press

Chapter 12: Single Arm Push Press

Chapter 13: Double Arm Push Press

Chapter 14: Movement Prep & Clearance Test

These archive videos are legacy products that don't containg all supportive or print materials.  Only provided as video content.