Kettlebells from the Ground Up - Online Archive

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In this online archive, Gray Cook and Brett Jones cover every aspect of the Get Up including the the following topics:

  • Discovering asymmetries between the left and right sides
  • How to correct those asymmetries
  • Proper progression from body weight to loaded Get Ups
  • Different variations of the Get Up
  • Certain coaching cues that can assist while instructing the Get Up

What's Included

Kettlebells from the Ground Up includes two hours of video content and a 36 page downloadable manual. The nine chapters included in this course are: 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Kalos Sthenos

Chapter 3: Kettlebell Demo

Chapter 4: Kettlebell Explanations

Chapter 5: Get-up Explanation

Chapter 6: Get-up Demo

Chapter 7: Naked Get-up

Chapter 8: Seven Steps + Pro Tips

Chapter 9: Conclusion 

These archive videos are legacy products that don't containg all supportive or print materials.  Only provided as video content.