A Common Sense Approach to Evaluating Movement

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“If we were made to grow strong and age gracefully, the answers are in movement.”

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A Common Sense Approach to Evaluating Movement is a one hour introduction to a new way of looking at movement through the lens of function. By dividing movement into four distinct levels and discussing the specific factors valuable to evaluating movement at each level, we learn how we’ve often looked at movement, and our attempts to improve it, from the wrong perspectives.

The course uses the natural developmental sequence to delineate the four levels of movement as Health, Function, Fitness and Skill and asks the basic question? Are you investing your attention at the proper level?

This course is an overview of the movement philosophy and principles that drive Functional Movement Systems. It also serves as a primer on the Systems themselves (SFMA, FMS, FCS), providing information on appropriate use from both the client/patient point of view as well as that of the movement professional.  

A Common Sense Approach to Evaluating Movement also prepares you for the information that follows in A Common Sense Approach to Correcting Movement, which expands on the importance of screening and in the selection and application of corrective exercises.