The Business of Movement

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With contributions from other business professionals, this new book Gray Cook describes how the Functional Movement Systems screens and assessments are used in fitness and clinical business models.

Now that you understand movement screening, how will you use the information?

The uncomfortable truth: The physical culture of much of the world has measurably eroded while the health and fitness field has managed its profit margins and delivered the illusion of rehabilitation and performance. The business of human movement has failed to manage its own downside.

Gray Cook, co-founder of Functional Movement Systems, believes you can break that trend by asking better questions of yourself and those you help. The Business of Movement guides you in how to listen to what movement is telling you in health, wellness, fitness and performance, and will help you implement standard operating procedures to build confidence in your responses.

Standard business strategies are unsustainable if what you’re trying to sell doesn’t stack up to your competition’s. Becoming a better practitioner is the most important thing you can do to unlock opportunities. The Business of Movement is your blueprint.

Part One: Grounds you in the foundational principles of the Functional Movement Systems.
Part Two: Outlines the processes of implementing the Systems as a strategy to raise your effectiveness and efficiency.
Part Three: Offers examples from professionals who built successful careers and businesses across the fields of health and human performance.

No matter where you work on the continuum of human movement—from medical and wellness professionals to fitness trainers and sports or performance coaches—The Business of Movement will provide the map and compass to navigate the path to personal and professional mastery.