Functional Wellness Course

$ 129.00


Functional Wellness is a new exploration into the screening and management of holistic wellbeing. Our goal with this course is to inform movement professionals, clinicians, coaches, trainers and anyone interested in wellness about how to systematically survey an individual’s current state of being. Used correctly, the information gained from the screens can protect from unnecessary risks, correct dysfunctions and deficiencies, and develop the readiness necessary for mental and physical growth.

Currently, healthcare is overwhelmed with managing chronic illness and fails to keep us healthy, while fitness is so focused on performance that it often injures those who seek it.

Wellness is the missing piece. Focusing on the right risk factor at the right time can prevent us from requiring healthcare while better preparing us for strenuous fitness endeavors. 

We need to know what today’s weak link is and to know that, we must measure every link in the chain in an efficient and systematic manner.

Join us for a four hour-long look at Functional Wellness, where we will break down your Lifestyle and Movement domains, discuss specific criteria for screening the domains for risk factors, and look at guidelines for management options - ranging from simple guidance on nutrition to specialist referrals for potential health issues.

Functional Wellness is not about high performance or optimization. The unique focus of the system is on simply being acceptable, or “good enough” across all of the domains of your life. There’s no better foundation for health or fitness.

The takeaway of this course isn’t a list of health secrets or supplement regimens. The real takeaway is that you shouldn’t be afraid of risk. Risk is catching something bad before it happens. Risk is knowledge that gives you the opportunity to make the right choice. The takeaway is awareness of your risk factors and guidance to reduce and remove them.

In this course, Gray Cook, Lee Burton, and Kyle Barrow break down the eight domains and focus on the interactive nature of these collective qualities that represent who you are. Some clearly take priority over others for immediate correction, while some are long-term markers of improving wellness:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Movement Health
  • Injury History 
  • Breathing Quality
  • Physical Activity
  • Body Composition
  • Sleep Quality
  • Nutritional Awareness

If there are risk factors associated with any of the domains, the hierarchical structure within the Symmio screening app presents the most efficient method of working on what matters most. You’ll be guided through the use of the app - from information intake to lifestyle and exercise guidance. Special attention is also given to the dynamics within group-specific applications - including fitness, team athletics, military, and corporate wellness.

We entered into wellness from a movement perspective and over two decades of developing screens and assessments for functional movement. Movement naturally leads us to wellness, as so many lifestyle factors can influence how an individual moves. Likewise, proper and pain-free movement can positively affect many lifestyle domains. Our focus on wellness has been research-validated and is achieving better movement outcomes every day. That’s the system we're sharing through this Functional Wellness course and through the guidance within Symmio.

Course Objectives:

With the information contained in this Functional Wellness Course, you will be able to:

  • Define functional wellness.
  • Communicate the value of wellness to your patients and clients using language that reinforces holistic concepts.
  • Detail the interrelated and hierarchical nature of the eight domains and be able to screen them for opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a management plan for dysfunctions and deficiencies identified by screening.
  • Use the Symmio app to manage wellness goals for yourself and your clients.
  • Use the Symmio movement self-screen to categorize and select corrective exercises for movement dysfunctions in multiple movement patterns.