SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite

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The SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite will introduce the professional to the SFMA’s background, logic, top tier screens and the breakouts for each pattern.

An understanding of the SFMA logic and breakouts will allow the healthcare professional to provide the proper intervention to the dysfunctional movement. The SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite does not include certification, but will familiarize you with the basics of the SFMA.

Course Sample

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About SFMA

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a comprehensive movement based diagnostic system used to classify movement patterns and direct manual therapy and therapeutic exercise interventions. Click Here for more information about SFMA.

SFMA Certification

The SFMA Level 1 Certification track now consists of two components:

  1. Online Prerequisite
    (You will be expected to review the online materials prior to attending the live course).
  2. Live Course

Completion of the SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite is the first step in becoming SFMA Certified. Eligible healthcare professionals should the check schedule of events for a live event near you to complete the SFMA Certification process.

As a professional, the choice is yours: if you choose to start with the Online Prerequisite, you can register for a live course at a later date. For certification, you may also register for a live course, which will include online course access if you have not already purchased.

What's Included

One year of access to the SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite Course.* This course includes access to over 4 hours of video content. To check your understanding, you will also receive access to the SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite exam. 

Continuing Education Information

To view a full list of organizations that have approved this course for continuing education please click here.

Who's Eligible

Anyone interested in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment can take the SFMA Level 1 - Online Prerequisite. The online course is a great opportunity for those not eligible for certification to learn and understand the SFMA, improving their communication with those in their referral network.

*After SFMA certification, professionals who maintain their membership will continue to have access to this course.