SFMA 2 Concepts: Hip Extension Local Biomechanical Exam

Written by FMS SFMA

Hip extension mobility restrictions are a common finding when using the SFMA. But when we reach this finding, we are not quite ready to intervene yet!  Why? Well, we don't know what is causing the restriction yet. Do we apply a joint technique or a tissue technique? To get this answer, we must continue our diagnostic process. Our first step is to assess the accessory motion of the joint in question.    

In this segment from the SFMA Level 2 Online Course, SFMA instructor, Dr. Behnad Honarbakhsh, leads us through an example of accessory motion testing for a hip extension mobility restriction. Being efficient and effective with your treatment requires proper diagnosis of the problem. Give this exam a try!

<== Video for xnipiKDX ==>


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