Nociplastic Pain Algorithm Using FMS Principles

Written by David Ogilbee SFMA

Chronic pain affects a multitude of people across the U.S. and world.  FMS principles and chiefly the SFMA provide a means to guide the focus of treatment for individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunction.  But how do FMS principles assist with the complex pain case? 

In this presentation, Dr. David Ogilbee, an FMS Fellow, discusses the utility of FMS principles with patients who have complex pain diagnosis, providing a proposed algorithm for assisting with a diagnosis of nociplastic pain versus other musculoskeletal issues.

<== Video for NpG1VZy9 ==>



Dr. David Ogilbee is a practicing physical therapist in Alaska who has been working primarily with the Alaska Native population for over 10 years.  His journey with Functional Movement Systems started early in his PT career after graduation and has currently culminated with completion of the FMS Fellowship program.  His chief clinical interests are in injury prevention, vestibular rehabilitation, as well as chronic pain and complex cases.  He enjoys his off clinic time with his wife, who is also a pediatric physical therapist, as well as his 3 children.

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  • author

    VCCDCCCSP 6/1/2023 11:38:27 AM

    Great case studies. Very interesting topic, honestly a category that has not crossed my mind but with your information I will certainly be looking and implementing the algorithm. Thank you for this presentation. Well done!

  • author

    Matt Williamson 6/1/2023 11:38:27 AM

    Really good stuff, thank you.