Top 10 Ways the Functional Movement Systems has helped my Business

Written by Perry Nickelston FMS

I own and operate two businesses; Pain Laser Center, LLC and Stop Chasing Pain. To stay successful in the modern world of business you need an edge. You need something that separates you from everyone else. Something that works, is simple to implement, cost effective, adds value, and brings in revenue retaining your integrity. No quick fix schemes are gonna do it. I am a pretty simple guy. Bruce Lee once said, "Simplicity is the key to brilliance." Oh how right he was in so many ways. Following these words of wisdom, below is a simple, straightforward, common sense list of ways Functional Movement Systems has improved my business. I asked my friends at Functional Movement Systems if I could share them with you and they graciously said yes. So let’s get going…

  1. Every successful business needs a SYSTEM. A system you can duplicate allowing  integration of new staff and expanding your business to new locations. Successful franchise companies teach systems. I created two businesses based on the Functional Movement Systems.

    Bottom Line: Systems build a strong foundation.
  2. Uniqueness is the key to survival. What do you offer that others don’t? Why should someone choose your business over another? The human brain is hardwired to ignore the boring and mundane. It craves difference. Use the FMS or the SFMA during your evaluations and you will stand out.

    Bottom Line: Uniqueness skyrockets business.
  3. Target specific Niche Marketing. Functional Movement systems helped me become the ‘Go To’ person for athletes in my area. Local schools send all of their players to me for a movement based screening. It’s become the Gold Standard for determining movement efficiency and laying a foundation for programming.

    Bottom Line: You become known as The Guru.
  4. Building offsite marketing strategies that stand out from the crowd. When I go to a health fair or Lunch and Learn program I have an interactive product and program that involves people. They take notice. Once people see me doing FMS assessments they want to have one too.

    Bottom Line: You get noticed and invited to more events for your business.
  5. Increased cash based fee for services. I don’t accept insurance and never will. People come to see me for results. Functional Movement Systems has allowed me to bill for value added services. People can see, feel, and touch something they are much more likely to buy it. Everybody wants the newest cutting edge thing on the market.

    Bottom Line: Increased revenue from evaluations.
  6. Alternative source of incomes from product sales increased. Assess movement via the FMS and SFMA. Correct movement with necessary tools (rollers, bands, TRX, Kettlebells,etc) and clients will want to purchase the devices that got them well to be used at home. Become an affiliate program sponsor of products you believe in and trust. Sell them directly to your clients.

    Bottom Line: Using the FMS has increased product sales by 50%.
  7. Professional network expansion. Using Functional Movement Systems has allowed me to connect with like minded individuals who share the same understanding of the human body. Connection to other health and fitness professionals that speak the same language and share in a common goal.

    Bottom Line: Substantial increase in my professional network.
  8. Unlimited access to valuable resources on the Functional Movement Systems website has increased my knowledge and understanding of movement. The site offers a gathering place for the Movement Tribe. If I ever had clinical questions there was a 24/7 resource for help. Having a ‘Mastermind’ group of people there to help and support your efforts is a major part of business success. You are no longer a little fish in a big pond. Together with support you become a source of strength for change.

    Bottom Line: Unlimited coaching support for success.
  9. Affordable investment for my bottom line of profit. I did not have to invest thousands of dollars in equipment or training to get up and running fast. I simply took a 2-day course. Now you have options to take an Online Course for FMS. SFMA however requires hands on training in the workshop series with mandatory attendance. I have spent 25K on equipment that has not delivered this much value.

    Bottom Line: Affordable for upstart business and introduction to existing programs.
  10. Fun and enjoyable atmosphere with my staff and clients. People love to see and do the FMS and SFMA. It takes people out of the ho-hum routine of examination and assessments. They get to FEEL how their body moves and they want to move better. They want to work towards a goal of moving like others. Competition breeds action. Having a business with the right atmosphere is crucial to success. I call it the Starbucks Effect. You don’t go so much for the coffee, but for the atmosphere.

    Bottom Line: Atmosphere is business GOLD!

There you have it. Short, sweet, to the point reasons to use Functional Movement Systems. I love being a healthcare professional; however I can’t continue being one unless I am a smart business person too. You must know business and marketing strategies as well as your chosen craft. If you don’t, you won’t be around long enough to do your craft…and that means you can’t help people and change their lives.

That is the secret. Change a life. Make it enjoyable. People will find you. Leonardo DaVinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’"It ain’t rocket science. Follow in the footsteps of others who are where you want to be. What are you waiting for? Start walking!

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    Tommy Del Favero 4/3/2013 4:05:27 PM

    What a great article! Thanks for the insight Perry. I have been using corrective exercise and movement screens for many years at various facilities, but I am now looking into growing my own business. This is just the kind of thing I needed to see. From what you have said here, it looks like I am on the right track because I have been working on becoming a distributor of a few products for my clients that would greatly help them out in their fitness efforts. I would love to chat with you further about other business ideas and questions, so if you are willing to do so my email address is

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences and have a great day.