Born to Limits 2

Written by Gray Cook Thursday, June 10, 2010 FMS

Below are some of the major points, Click on the link below to hear the entire Pod Cast.

  • In “Secrets of Primitive Patterns,” rolling was introduced-- it is one of the first locomotive activities that a child will do.
  • Prime movers cannot be brought into and utilized in rolling-- must set your breathing right and use inner parts of the core before the outer parts.
  • Fire stabilizers before prime movers-- authentic stabilization reflex-driven movement
  • Giving up a fundamental platform to gain specific strength or speed is demonstrating the lack of knowledge in the supportive nature of a foundation.
  • Chops and lifts have been used as a corrective strategy, but they are also self-limiting exercises.
  • Bottom-up work with the kettlebell is holding it upside down, inverted with the weight up.  If you are not connected at your shoulder, at your grip, through your core, the kettlebell will wobble, even if you have decent grip strength.
  • If your transverse abdominis does not fire well on one side, you may not be able to clean the kettlebell and balance it upside down, even with good grip strength-- there is a definite disconnect if you cannot do this.
  • Bottom-up clean-- Bottom-up clean to squat-- Bottom-up clean to press
  • Turkish get-up for whole body training-- for an overall symmetrical appraisal and stability/mobility jumpstart.
  • If you are having trouble with the single leg deadlift, work on chops and lifts in a half kneeling position.
  • Stability and strength should be gained in parallel.

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