Is Stability the Same as Motor Control?

Written by Gray Cook Tuesday, October 21, 2014 FMS Pod Casts

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  • Stability is a common term that is often misued.
  • Stability occurs when a muscle adjusts itself to reduce motion in the prescence of motion somewhere else.
  • Dynamic stability occurs when one group of muscles changes the angle of the joint while another group of muscles maintains a joint position in a different plane.
  • The single leg dead lift is a great example of dynamic stability. 
  • Stability is coordination and timing that creates integrity around a joint.
  • We can not perform an exercise and assume stability occured because it looks like a stability exercise.
  • It is important to not just perform stability exercises. One must test stability, perform and exercise, and then retest stability. 
  • Motor control should be synonymous with stability. 

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