Dr. Rob Butler's Introduction to FMS and an Update on Current Research

Written by Brandon Monday, September 16, 2013 FMS Research

Outline of Dr. Butler’s (Duke University) Interview
with Joe Heiler (SportsRehabExpert.com) Part 1

I. Background & Involvement/Intro to FMS

A. Began with interest in running shoe research

B. At Evansville working with pre-season screening for athletics, introduced to FMS

C. Utilized FMS as part of a larger testing construct, baseline for progression along a continuum

II. Update: Where are things now

A. Pain & Motor Control: How pain alters movement

1. More pain, higher cortical activation (resting)

2. Inconsistent & task dependent differences in motor control

3. Changes in basic breathing patterns

4. Pain creates adaptations, leading to movement deficits

B. High Threshold Strategy (HTS): Short term solution becomes long term problem

1. HTS needed when faced with big loads (Offensive Line analogy)

2. Activation of muscles that aren’t needed (Lights in the house)

3. HTS develops as a way to get through the day

4. Big question: Are muscles reflexively contracting unnecessarily?

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