Using the FMS With Other Tests and Developing the FMS Cut Point

Written by Brandon Monday, September 23, 2013 FMS Research

Outline of Dr. Butler’s (Duke University) Interview 
with Joe Heiler ( Part 3


V. FMS & Y-Balance Test (YBT)

A. Both used as test of single body weight competency

B. Data shows ACL patients that returned to sport would be at risk based on both per current standards.

1. 15 (FMS) not enough for ACL rehab, better as starting point

2. Not a single variable anymore

C. Use both tests to develop protocols to evaluate competency & symmetry

D. Assess progress based on movement ability rather than time

E. Correlation between movement quality & perception of personal movement quality

VI. FMS Cut Point

A. Grays pre-research commentary set a minimum of all 2’s no asymmetry (14)

B. Research shows that score ≤ 14 indicates higher risk for injury

C. Was injury risk a concern when originally developing FMS?

D. Combining the FMS with other tests/variables can be an indicator

E. Possibility of sport specific cut points

F. Goal of FMS & SFMA is to eventually train with high load and high reps as individuals are ready




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