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Aug 31, 2019, Bondi Junction, NSW

SFMA Sessions: Level 1 Follow-Up

You’ve taken the SFMA Level 1 course and are working to integrate the SFMA into your business.  And while the journey is different for everyone, we’re rounding up experts and veterans in your region to share best practices with you.

Spend 4 hours with other Level 1 alums revisiting the SFMA logic and flow and sharing business implementation tips.  An SFMA instructor will facilitate this relaxed small group environment that will be based upon your specific questions and needs regarding the assessment.  

Remember – if you are not starting with the proper diagnosis, treatment will not be correct!  Assessment is the foundation for success in our system. 


  1. Review the logic and systematic flow of the SFMA Level 1.
  2. Perform a full SFMA in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Answer questions/barriers to implementing SFMA into your practice.
  4. Provide feedback for confidence in using the SFMA.


  1. SFMA Sessions: Level 1 Follow-Up


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Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

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