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Sep 30, 2020, US

FMS Level 2 Online Discussion Group: Trunk Stability Push-Up


You’ve taken the FMS Level 2 course and are making programming decisions as well as integrating the FMS essential corrective strategies. Though our experiences may be slightly different, our FMS experts and veterans will share best practices with you in an online platform.

In this discussion group, we will focus on the Trunk Stability Push-Up movement pattern also known as the Reactive Sagittal Plane movement pattern.  In human movement, our ability to react and respond to resist extension forces in order to hold a posture and or position involving the trunk can be vitally important to safety and success. This pattern is often misinterpreted as a test of upper body strength. Although upper body strength may contribute to the pattern, its purpose is more about ensuring the trunk can maintain a strong connection between the upper and lower body and transfer forces related to the sagittal plane. We see this expressed not only in ground-based movements but also in the body’s ability to maintain the trunk and safe spine position while performing and loading upright movement tasks and exercises.  


FMS instructors will facilitate this online group discussion and address your questions regarding the corrective strategies, execution of exercises and programming decisions related to the Trunk Stability Push-Up pattern when it is identified as the priority.    

Remember – the FMS corrective philosophy, algorithm and corrective path offer you a systematic approach to improving movement. This discussion will help you develop a deeper understanding of the corrective strategies and answer questions regarding important corrective exercise applications so you can be more successful.


  1. Identify when the Trunk Stability Push-Up is a priority based on FMS screening results. 
  2. Discuss a specific case study and apply the “Protect, Correct and Develop” principle.
  3. Provide video demonstration of key corrective exercises used to improve the Trunk Stability Push-Up pattern.
  4. Answer questions regarding FMS corrective exercises and strategies that improve the Trunk Stability Push-Up pattern for your clients.
  5. Provide feedback and discussion for confidence in using the FMS system.

Course Time:  1 Hour

Language:  English

Course Time: 2:00 pm EST

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