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Feb 3, 2022, US

FMS Level 2 Online Discussion Group - Trunk Stability Push-Up
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You’ve taken the FMS Level 2 course and are working on using screening results for better programming decisions as well as integrating the FMS essential corrective strategies. And while the journey is different for everyone, our FMS experts and veterans will share best practices with you in an online platform.

In this discussion group, we will focus on the Trunk Stability Push-Up (TSPU) Pattern which allows us to take a look at reactive sagittal plane stability. This stability is fundamental to many activities - running, jumping lifting something overhead, pushing a lawnmower - to resist the forces that would take our trunk out of alignment  by resisting extension and transferring forces from the lower body to the upper body. This strong connection between the upper and lower body also allows us to perform movements in the gym like pushing a sled, the kettlebell swing, cleans or snatches.

FMS instructors will facilitate this online group discussion and address your questions regarding the corrective strategies, execution of exercises and programming decisions related to the TSPU pattern when it is identified as the priority.    

Remember – the FMS corrective philosophy, algorithm and corrective path offer you a systematic approach to improving movement. This discussion will help you develop a deeper understanding of the corrective strategies and answer questions regarding important corrective exercise applications so you can be more successful.

Course Time: 1:00 pm EST

Language: English

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