Swing Double Arm with One KB

This exercise will develop explosive power using closed chain hip and knee extension from a fundamental athletic position. Mastery of this will carry over to almost all explosive activities.

Perform a hip hinge keeping a neutral spine with the kettlebell a few inches in front of the feet. With the feet shoulder width apart, grab the kettlebell handle with both hands. Begin by taking a sharp inhale through the nose and hike the kettlebell back between the legs.
The upper arms should be against the ribs and the forearms high in the groin.
Once the hips are loaded, perform an aggressive hip extension by pushing down into the ground with the feet. Finish the hips fully with a forced exhale, bringing the body to a standing position. Once the kettlebell is less than shoulder height, let it come back down on the same arc it went up. During this exercise it is important to keep the abdominals engaged throughout the entire movement.