Jean-François Lopez

The goal of training is not to hurt you, it is to make you progress! As a StrongFirst instructor, I believe that strength is the master quality. Nevertheless, you should not build strength on dysfunction. I perform a FMS with all students, as part of the first session to set a baseline and identify areas of improvement and of attention. This helps define what is the right program for you to achieve your goals, safely and more importantly, what corrective we must perform to ensure you move well and strongly. Based in Bratislava, I speak English, French, Czech, Slovak, Spanish.

How to find

Jean-Francois Lopez


Sancova 50
Bratislava 81105



StrongFirst Girya Level 1 (SFG 1)

StrongFirst Bodyweight (SFG)

StrongFirst Lifter (SFL)

American Council on Exercise Certification (ACE)

Personal Trainer

StrongFirst Girya Level 2 (SFG 2)