Ericka Darst

Welcome! I am a certified personal trainer and strength coach based in Minneapolis, MN. I work with individual clients and instruct small groups and workshops with a deep focus on proper technique, corrective strategies and movement methods, emphasizing safety and application to every day activities. In addition, I conduct FMS assessments in a corporate environment, providing feedback, resources and strategies to improve movement and wellness in the workplace. I have professional experience in corporate, industrial and service organizations, as well as agency and office settings. The FMS credential has broadened my knowledge base in providing the most beneficial training programs to my clients – always starting with a movement assessment. The FMS screen is a valuable resource in determining how movement improvements can be implemented, benefiting overall health, longevity and wellness in life activities. Working with all fitness levels and abilities, I encourage a relaxed, inviting environment during training sessions. I love the physical activity in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas - it is incredibly motivating! I currently train out of two private locations in Uptown Minneapolis and I am accepting off-site individual, group, and corporate/company training clientel. Please send an email or visit my website for more information. I'm always happy to hear from people striving to move and feel better!

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EDK Training Studio

711 W. Lake Street #605
Minneapolis, MN 55408

United States


FMS Certified (FMSC)