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UpRight Movement is on a mission of upgrading people's lives through health and fitness. Enter a world-class training system, which includes supporting elements promoting a winning mindset for positive change of restoring a sense of control and breaking never-ending cycles. We provide athletic education for everyone with a focus on pain-free movement and health. UpRight Movement knows how to get you to where you'd like to feel, although we care just as much. At UpRight Movement, we are dedicated to providing post-rehab, injury reduction, and performance training for people who live life to the fullest. Major focus is placed on decreasing injury risk and enhancing performance of those in the game of life and other athletes in sports. "I began training with UpRight Movement when I was recovering from an upper back injury. I'm a very fit and active 70 year old and spend regular time working out: lifting, cardio, hiking, and walking. I found UpRight Movement to be very knowledgeable about body mechanics, nutrition, and the process of recovery from an injury. I still perform UpRight Movement's recommended series of exercises. It is my weekly tune up- I feel stronger and more efficient! I feel UpRight Movement is an advocate of the fit for life ideals I believe in and practice." - Diana Heberger

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145 South G St. Ste. E
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