Brett Jones: Common FMS Errors

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The FMS has been in use for over 15 years, yet there are still are a few key errors professionals commonly make during movement screening. Brett Jones, who’s been working with the FMS since its inception, gives an overview on these errors that are both easy and important to fix.

“In instructing the course to fitness professionals and clinicians, we use terms like ‘dysfunction’ or ‘you failed the screen because you have pain.’ Please understand this sort of language is for us, the fitness professionals or clinicians, in communicating with fellow professionals or in your own head while you’re running a screen. We don’t use that sort of communication when we’re working with clients.” ~Brett Jones



Duration: 20 minutes; Transcript: 5 pages; Mp3 file size: 29 MBs
This download includes a pdf of the FMS Scoring Criteria, Score Sheet & Verbal Instructions



• Professional vs Customer Communication (1:26)
• Setup (4:49)
• Running the Screen (8:02)
• Following the Algorithm (10:11)
• Scoring Criteria (11:23)
• Correcting a Movement Pattern (12:15)
• Correction with Strength (13.47)
• Review of Concepts (15:45)
• Exceptions (18:55)