Indian Clubs

$ 54.95



Think of Indian Clubs as jump rope for your upperbody. With correct coaching, you will have the opportunity to enhance speed with symmetrical and asymmetrical movements, while intuitively training posture, upperbody mobility, and core stability. 
These durable, precision molded clubs (1lb each) allow balanced arcs of motion, and smooth transitional swings; perfect for you to begin your club swinging experience.

A Perfect Combination
Checkout our Clubs course! It's perfect for beginners and even experienced Club users. Gray Cook and Brett Jones take you through the "art" of club swinging and focus on the benefits of club swinging, especially the connection of the upper body and lower body through symmetry, posture, balance and fluid arcs of motion. 

Introduction to Indian Clubs Online Course

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1lb. Indian Clubs

  • 16 inches long in the traditional bottleneck design
  • Precision weighted and balanced.
  • Durable injection molded polyurethane
  • Sold in pairs