Secrets of Primitive Patterns - Online Archive

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Gray Cook and Lee Burton review the developmental sequence and how we can utilize this process to our advantage during exercise prescription for any population group. Discover how a simple screening process can identify core stability and motor control dysfunctions and how professionals can instinctively incorporate specific corrective strategies to address dysfunction.

What's Included

Secrets of Primitive Patterns contains 105 minutes of video content. The ten units included in this course are: 

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Screening

Unit 3: Push-Up Corrections

Unit 4: Rotary Stability Corrections 

Unit 5: Quadruped Corrections 

Unit 6: Hard Roll 

Unit 7: Rolling Assessment   

Unit 8: Rolling Corrections

Unit 9: Side-Plank Corrections  

Unit 10: Conclusion 

These archive videos are legacy products that don't containg all supportive or print materials.  Only provided as video content.