A Common Sense Approach to Correcting Movement

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“It’s the way you pick an exercise that sets up the way movement changes or doesn’t change.”

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The concept of corrective exercise is not a new one, but A Common Sense Approach to Correcting Movement explores new paths to create positive changes that are focused on maintaining functional movement patterns.

By beginning at the developmental sequence, the shared timeline that all humans follow in developing functions associated with locomotion and manipulation, correcting movement in the same manner that it was initially formed is emphasized.

Has the individual lost the movement? Or have they only forgotten a pattern they once had?

Should we attempt to recreate that which can be remembered? Can a strategic action bring back a movement memory?

Over approximately 45 minutes of video, A Common Sense Approach to Correcting Movement looks deeper into the screening capabilities of the Functional Movement Screen, the important separation of pain and dysfunction and the value of experience in corrective exercise.