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Save $179 with the Move2Perform Bundle

Bundle includes FMS Level 1 Online Certification & the Y Balance Test Online Course

Move2Perform is our industry-leading, research-backed system proven to accurately identify and categorize injury risk by weighting multiple risk factors. It allows professionals to:

  1. Make accurate & objective return to sport or activity decisions.

  2. Identify pre-season those most likely to suffer from non-contact injury.

And it does so based on what the research says about injury risk.   

Get Started with Move2Perform

Move2Perform software is available in the FMS Pro App (version 1.35.0 or later) to active members who have completed both the FMS Level 1 & Y Balance Test certifications. The Move2Perform Bundle offers the certifications needed to get started with Move2Perform.

FMS Level 1 - Online Certification


What's Included

One year of access to the FMS Level 1 Online course.* This course includes access to over 4 hours of video content and a downloadable manual. The 19 Chapters included in this course are as follows: 

Chapter 1: Introduction to the FMS 1
Chapter 2: History of the Screen
Chapter 3: Understandin gthe "Why" of the FMS
Chapter 4: Overview of the Screen
Chapter 5: Deep Squat (DS)
Chapter 6: Hurdle Step (HS)
Chapter 7: Inline Lunge (ILL)
Chapter 8: Big 3/Little 4
Chapter 9: Shoulder Mobility (SM)
Chapter 10: Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)
Chapter 11: Trunk Stability Push-Up (TSPU)
Chapter 12: Rotary Stability (RS)
Chapter 13: FMS Scoring
Chapter 14: Reporting
Chapter 15: Programming
Chapter 16: Case Study #1
Chapter 17: Case Study #2
Chapter 18: Course Conclusion
Chapter 19: Additional Resources
Appendix #1: The Motor Control Screen (MCS)
Appendix #2: The Modified FMS (FMS-M)

Y Balance Test Online Course

Click here for the full Y Balance Test Online Course product description.

What's Included

This online course includes access to over 45 minutes of video content and a downloadable manual. To check your understanding, you will also receive access to the YBT Online exam.

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: YBT Lower Quarter
Unit 3: YBT Upper Quarter
Unit 4: Resources