The Future of Exercise Program Design (Downloadable Version)

$ 50.00



You’ve taken the FMS certification. You’ve studied the FMS exercise library. You’ve read Movement. You’ve watched the Applying the Model and Key Functional Training DVDs. 

Now what? How do you use the screening tool to build your training programs?

In this Perform Better Summit event, FMS founders Gray Cook and Lee Burton are joined by Alwyn Cosgrove from Results Fitness, who is known for his successful client programming. Together, they’ll walk you through the thinking process...from why to what to how. 

You’ll learn their standard operating procedure for success with your own training programs, beginning with a baseline set using the Functional Movement Screen. 

Video Duration: 2.5 hours, 3 videos, download package includes:

  • Live workshop video
  • PDFs of the lecture transcripts
  • MP3 audio file of the full lecture 
  • Workshop presentation slides & manual
  • Sample Results Fitness training programs
  • Bonus lectures from
  • FMS scoring criteria, score sheet, & verbal instructions