Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Test Kit

$ 219.95



The FMS Test Kit is a tool designed to use while performing the FMS screen. It also provides a simple grading system to assess athlete/patient movement.

  • Functional Movement Screen Tests include Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Push-Up, and Rotary Stability.
  • Exercises are prescribed based on test results to correct weakness or imbalance.
  • You can buy the test kit alone or the test kit along with the DVD products for 2 separate prices. The DVD set includes Functional Movement Screen Video, Core Training Solutions Video and CD-Rom by Gray Cook, PT.
  • Lightweight, self-contained Test Kit includes measuring device, hurdle and measuring stick.
  • The Test Kit Only option does not include a DVD, manual, or software.

Screen Example