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Laura Evans, Director of Business Operations and Project Manager at FMS, is a 28 year old former collegiate soccer athlete and current trail runner.  She stays active cross training with yoga and incorporates paddleboarding in the warmer months.  Laura wants to improve her running and yoga practice and be able to touch her toes. What makes Laura's case unique is that she has a mild case of scoliosis, which affects her stability. However, because Laura is not experiencing pain, Functional Movement Screen (also known as the FMS or the Screen) is her starting point. Follow Laura’s movement journey here as we kick off with the Screen.


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Laura cleared six out of the seven patterns with 2's and 3's.  She displayed a slight asymmetry in the In Line Lunge.  However, some of her results bordered on 1's and her asymmetries were noticeable, which is not surprising because of her scoliosis.  Laura scored a 1 on the push-up, so we know we need to work on her lumbo-pelvic control (which is also showing up in her Active Straight Leg Raise).  Because of Laura's running (she regularly participates in higher mileage trail races), we are also not surprised to see her ASLR results and will work on her posterior chain and motor control tightness with correctives.  Hopefully, these exercises will help reset her pelvis.  

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Remember, the goal of the FMS is no pain, no 1's and no major asymmetries.  With that in mind, Laura is clear to train in certain areas and continue her yoga practice and running.  This is when our FMS pros are free to develop a training program, add workload and train more sport specific skills while working on Laura's push-up and posterior chain issues.   

We also checked Laura's breathing function which indicated we had an issue to work on here.  The Breathing Screen takes about five minutes and provides another layer of information that is extremely helpful for professionals in their initial consultation with a client, patient or athlete.  We know that breathing affects movement quality and when breathing is the primary issue and is corrected, movement improves.  Therefore, we want to first correct Laura's breathing dysfunction and then recheck her movement quality.  Since this was Laura's initial consultation, we conducted all pertinent screens and tests to collect comprehensive information about her and this additional layer of testing gave us more information about how to move forward with Laura's programming.




Breathing & Rolling

One of the main purposes of corrective exercise is to establish a sense of self awareness in our clients.  Therefore, in addition to breathing exercises, we are having Laura perform rolling to address her asymmetries, posterior chain and core stability issues.  Therefore, regression activities like back to belly rolling (especially on Laura's weaker left side) will break down Laura's fundamental issue and help us stay dialed in to her underlying dysfunction. 
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Laura will perform both correctives two to three times per day.  She is also free to continue yoga and running but we look forward to Laura's check-in next week to determine how to progress her corrective and training plan.

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Week 2

Corrective Update


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Week 3

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We're stepping it up with Laura's training this week and are pleased to see that her toe touch has improved.  Now it's time to add in a double leg deadlift with one arm.  Because of her scoliosis, one arm will help stabilize and keep her in a good position for this exercise.  

Laura is also ready to progress to assisted pull-ups for more of a challenge to strengthen her upper body and core.

Remember, FMS is about moving forward with exercises when your clients, athletes and patients are cleared to train, while also identifying a corrective plan for the deficits.  

FMS 1 & 2 professionals are well versed in how to work with clients like Laura.  We're looking forward to revisiting Laura's progress next week when we rescreen her.

Week 4


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Laura is making progress with her push-up.  While she's still a 1 on the push-up test in the Screen, her form and core stability have significantly improved and she's on the right path.  We're still working on the leg raise and her shoulder asymmetry, but we are on the right track with Laura.

Considering Laura's scoliosis, she may struggle with these issues, but our objective is to help Laura achieve her goals and feel more confident in her overall movement function.  As FMS professionals, this is half the battle.  Hear what Laura has to say about her journey these last several weeks and how her progress has positively affected her on a daily basis.


We look forward to checking back in with Laura and keeping you updated on her progress.


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