Get-up to Tall Sit

This exercise improves the transition to the tall sit position of the Get-up.

This exercise improves the transition to the tall sit position of the Get-up.

Setup: Perform the Get-up until you are in position on the elbow of the down arm. 

Action: Begin by pressing into the ground with the down hand so the body moves into the tall sit and the kettlebell moves vertically. There should be a relatively straight line from the hand that is holding the kettlebell to the hand this is firmly placed on the ground. During the transition the grounded hand should rotate so that fingers are pointing away from the body and shoulder should find the shoulder packed position. The chest remains in a neutral position and avoid excessive flexion and extension in the spine. Ideally, both shoulders should remain depressed and retracted at the same time in order achieve good shoulder positioning.

Return: Lower the body by performing a reverse roll in a slow controlled manner until the elbow is in position reconnects with ground while maintaining a stable position in both shoulders.


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